Phoenix-Sedona-Laughlin-London Bridge-3 day tour

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  • Price: 1 room: $2099 / 2 rooms: $2299 / 3 rooms: $2499
  • Private Tour (1-6 pax)
  • Highlights: Phoenix, Sedona, Laughlin, London Bridge, Sedona, Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona Main Street, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock Trail, Oak Creek Vista, Laughlin, London Bridge
  • Tour Include: Deluxe Hotel, experienced bilingual (English and Mandarin) driver guide. Free pick up and drop off at customer’s home
  • All our tour guides and drivers have been fully vaccinated
  • Please provide a complete vaccination certifificate when registering to ensure the safety of all passengers and the general community

Day 1 - Los Angeles - Arizona

On the first morning, we depart for Phoenix, the capital of Arizona, which is also the largest city in Arizona. The most famous outdoor attraction is the first stop of our trip: Hole in the Rock.The cave in the rock is a naturally formed rock structure in Papago Park. There are many small holes in this huge red stone. This huge rock was formed as early as 6 to 15 million years ago.These holes are formed by the erosion of wind, rain and water.It is also one of the most important attractions in geology.

Hotel: Best Western or similar

Day 2 - Sedona - Chapel of the Holy Cross -Sedona Main Street-Cathedral Rock Trail-Oak Creek Vista-Laughlin

In the early morning of the next day, we set off from the hotel to Sedona, the capital of aura. Sedona was voted No. 1 Most Beautiful Place in America by US Weekly. The whole piece of natural red rocks is magnificent and breathtaking. Those red rocks were still on the seabed millions of years ago. After the sea receded, the sand and limestone layers remained on the ground. Eventually, iron oxides covered the sand and stone surface and formed red rust, which finally became shocking red rock. Sedona, now covered in mystery, has also become a holy place for spiritual healing, cultivation, health care, and vacation. Every year, it brings together millions of tourists from all over the world. "God created the Grand Canyon, but he lives in Sedona!" We will enjoy the following attractions along the way: Chapel of the Holy Cross, Sedona Main Street, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock Trail, Oak Creek Vista. 

  • Chapel of the Holy Cross, It was completed in 1956, and in 1957 it won the Architecture Award from the American Institute of Architects.The small church stands alone in the cracks of the stone, witnessing the magical and perfect fusion of human power and nature.Here you can also overlook Sedona landmarks such as Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte.
  • Bell Rock  Sedona energy vortex is one of the four strongest places, the landmark of Sedona!Its name is just like its shape, like an upside-down big clock. The locals believe that this is the gateway to the red earth world of Sedona.
  • Cathedral Rock, One of the best photographed scenes in the world, the spire of Cathedral Mountain, the blue sky of Sedona, reflected in the clear water of Oak Creek, outlines an inspiring picture, and is the most photographed place in Arizona.This is also one of the most famous hiking routes in Sedona, medium difficulty, some places require hands and feet to climb to a group of majestic red rock pillars.
Hotel: Laughlin River Lodge or similar

Day 3 - Laughlin - London Bridge - Los Angeles

On the third day, we will leave late in the morning, because Hiking the day before yesterday consumes a lot of energy. Today we will travel south along the Colorado River to the last stop of this trip-London Bridge. Now this is located in Lake Havasu CityThe London Bridge was originally on the Thames River. It was an important traffic road in London. It was built in 1820. By the 1960s, London Bridge no longer adapted to the current situation of busy traffic. The municipality decided to demolish the old and build a new one.McCulloch Real Estate bought this 120,000-ton antique for US$2.46 million and designed it to be moved to the sunny Lake Havasu City to open up a tourist spot. So far, looking around on the London Bridge, it is stillIt feels like being in a rural town in England.

  • London Bridge, Lake Havasu is a very suitable place to relax. Everyone can walk around the lake, bask in the sun and blow the hair. The beautiful lake scenery is quiet and charming. In the evening, we return to Los Angeles to end the beautiful journey.

Price List - Private Tour (1-6 pax)

Private Tour (1-6 pax)
Tour Fare
1 room
2 rooms
3 rooms
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Free pick up and drop off at customer’s home
Driver Guide:  Experienced Bilingual (English and Mandarin) driver guide.
Drinking Water: 1 bottle per pax per day.
Service fee: 10%-15% of tour fare.
Pax other expenses.

1. Please bring your own sunscreen, sun hat and comfortable clothes and shoes.

2. The hotel room is a non-smoking room. If you smoke in the room, you will incur a fine of $350 per room per night.

3. Pay attention to safety, wear a mask, maintain social distancing, and there will be hand sanitizer on the car. Obey the guide's arrangements during the trip, and follow the guide's instructions to walk on the trail when hiking in the wild.

4. The working time of the driver must not exceed 12 hours/day. The overtime part will be charged an additional $50 per hour.